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piątek, 10 października 2008

Hopeful Friday - thanks!

My dear friend Cielo from The house in the roses sent me this beautiful card.
Thank you so much dear Cielo for your beautiful pic and your inspiring words.

I really appreciate it.

Hopeful Friday always motiveted me and I decided to post every Friday too.

I love this pic and this text and I'd like to put them as my first Hopeful Friday.

Life is not made up of great sacrifices and duties,

But made up of simple acts of kind,
smiles and words that uplift the spirit
Help others,
Find a way to let your light shine
We only have one life to live:
Live it to its fullest
Love, laugh,
Live today,
Dream tomorrow,
Cherish yesterday,
Believe… believe in yourself and inspire others
Dance, soar, walk barefooted and taste the rain
Practice compassion, joy, responsibility, courage, faith and hope.

Photo and text from Hopeful Friday - Cielo
The house in the roses

Happy Hopeful Friday to all my friends!

21 komentarzy:

Nola @ Alamo North pisze...

Happy Hopeful Friday to you Maria! I am happy to be able to visit you today; have a wonderful weekend!

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey pisze...

Hello dear Maria,
Thank you for stopping by. I hope you are having a great day !

Shelia pisze...

Hi Maria! Congratulations of your pretty award and I love the picture and words. I always try to be hopeful on Friday and everyday!!
Blessings to you sweet friend,
Shelia ;)

Debbie in CA : ) pisze...

Oh you are precious! Your words inspire me, encourage me, and delight me. Yes, celebrating life is the most hopeful thing we can do. After all, it was a great gift from a loving Father. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and joy. : )

CIELO pisze...

And thank YOU, my dearest friend. Is because of people like you that our sad world becomes a better place to live.... and I love you!

Have a blessed weekend...


jeanne pisze...

Maria, beautiful hopeful words today. A true reminder of Faith and love. I am glad to read your post today.


Kin'shar pisze...

thanks for the comment on my pic on jimmys blog...come see me

Virginia pisze...

The love that Jesus express towards everyone is saturated with joy.
Thanks for sharing your love joyfully and completely with us.
Blessings, Virginia

Charli and me pisze...

That was very beautiful Maria. Thank you. I hope you have a wonderful day. You deserve your lovely award. You are a special lady.

Inspirações da Jô pisze...

Sweet Maria,

ThanK you for message! I am very happy with its visit!

And congratulations for the award of the Cielo beloved, you all deserves the love of the world!

Pretty message! I loved!

Kisses and an excellent weekend!


Beautiful Hopeful Friday post....You have a wonderful weekends Katherinllen

Anonimowy pisze...

how u doing ?

hope the aches and pains are gone
hope u have no body pains again

just a heart full of love

Jimmy pisze...

for me

Jimmy pisze...


a woman who is pisze...

I love your text, and those words of truth. Thanks for sharing.

Have a blessed day!

Keshi pisze...

beautiful n HOPEFUL post Maria HUGGGGGGGGZ!

**Love, laugh,
Live today

Lovely! Thats what we all should learn to do...for TODAY is all we've got.

Come n check out my pics :)


tqmcintl pisze...



Inspirações da Jô pisze...
Ten komentarz został usunięty przez autora.
Eleanor pisze...

A beautiful Friday! We certainly need hope in today's world. I love your new banner with Vivaldi's Autumn. But it is spring in my part of the world!

Virginia pisze...

What a delighful, loving and inspiring post. You are a blessing.
God Bless, Virginia

Jimmy pisze...

I have many yesterdays to cherish
esp the day I first met u

many tommorrows to look forward to

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