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niedziela, 31 sierpnia 2008

Pierwsze kroki/ Kyle first steps

Kevin i Kyle, moi najmłodsi prawnukowie. Kevin ma 3 latka, Kyle 1 roczek.

My youngest greatgrandsons -Kevin (3years old) and Kyle (1 year old)
They lived in USA. I love them and I miss them.

Kevin & Kyle blog:

20 komentarzy:

Jorgelina pisze...

That adorable baby but!
A kiss

LOUISE pisze...

But how lovely with modern technology you can see them every day. x

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey pisze...

Maria ! The babies are beautiful !
Have a blessed day dear Maria.

Jimmy pisze...

I live in India
do u miss me too Maria?

first baby steps?

Keshi pisze...

haha so so cute!


Charli and me pisze...

Oh Maria aren't grandchildren just the best! Your grand babies are beautiful!

KarenHarveyCox pisze...

Such adorable grandchildren. You must be so proud of them. I just posted about the award that you gave to me. Have a lovely day. Karen

Keshi pisze...

come and pick up ur award Maria :)


Keshi pisze...

come and pick up ur award Maria :)


CIELO pisze...

Thank YOU for advertising my party, sweet friend... I'm hoping to see your window at our party! :)

May the sun shine upon you today


KarenHarveyCox pisze...

Oh, Maria I just popped back to make sure that I had your link correct for my post. I watched the video again to see that adorable little guy walking. Isn't his brother wonderful how excited he was as his baby brother's success? Soooooooooo cute! Karen

Nola @ AlamoNorth pisze...

Maria Hello! Ja po prostu znalez'c' w witrynie Karen'ski's blog "w notatniku inspiracji".
Czeski mówie;, ale nie bardzo dobrze. Postaram sie; przet?umaczyc' moja; wiadomos'c' do Polski.
Do you speak English, lub skorzystac' z t?umacza, aby czytac' blogi napisane w English?

(I hope I said:
Hello Maria! I just found your website at Karen's blog "A Scrapbook of Inspiration".
I speak Czech, but not very well. I will try to translate my message into Polish.
Do you speak English, or use the translator to read blogs written in English?)

MARIA pisze...

Welcome Nola! Nice to meet you here.
I studied English when I was a very young girl. I forgot everything. Now, I try to study again.
I use Google Translator, but it is not perfect. But as Louise said with modern technology I can talk almost every day with my family in USA and Canada. Sometimes my daughter(USA) or granddaughter(Canada) helps me with translations.

Eleanor pisze...

It has been a pleasure to visit your blog (via A scrapbook of inspiration) so far away in Poland. It did enjoy the video of your grandson and was intrigued by your book. It is spring in South Africa where I live and the tomator seed I have just planted are starting to come up. Best wishes Eleanor

MARIA pisze...

Welcome Eleanor, I'm glad you visited me!
You are my first visitor from Africa, please, take a cup of tea and feel comfortable here.

This book is only pic. Maybe I'll write book about tomatoe.
My tomatoes are growing on my balcony.

david santos pisze...


Jimmy pisze...

where in Poland do u live Maria?
I want to come to visit u

Inspirações da Jô pisze...

With one grandmother pretty of this, only could also have pretty grandsons!
And the blog of kevin and Kyle is pretty!And they are adorable!!Congratulations!!
God bless very you and its family!!A fort hug and an excellent weekend!!!
Kisses and more kisses.

MARIA pisze...

Welcome David,
nice to meet you. You are my first visitor from Portugal.
Thank you for your nice words.

QUEEN-ELA pisze...

Brawo brawo Kyle nasze granulacje piersze kroczki sa zawsze w pamięci pozdrawiamy - kuzynowstwo z Polski

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