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poniedziałek, 3 marca 2008

Dzień Kobiet/Women's Day

Dzień Kobiet to święto obchodzone corocznie 8 marca jako wyraz szacunku dla ofiar walki o równouprawnienie kobiet.
Święto to zostało ustanowione dla upamiętnienia strajku 15 tysięcy kobiet, pracownic fabryki tekstylnej, które 8 marca 1908 roku w Nowym Jorku domagały się praw wyborczych i polepszenia warunków pracy. Właściciel fabryki zamknął strajkujące w pomieszczeniach fabrycznych z zamiarem uniknięcia rozgłosu. W wyniku nagłego pożaru zginęło 129 kobiet.
W dniu 8 marca 1910 roku na zjeździe w Kopenhadze z inicjatywy Klary Zetkin ustanowiono święto wszystkich kobiet. Po raz pierwszy święto to obchodzono 8 marca 1911. W Polsce szczególnie popularne w okresie PRL.
Dzien Kobiet

Wiersz Kornela Ujejskiego dedykuje wszystkim Kobietom z okacji Dnia Kobiet!

Chciałbym cię wprowadzić na wieżę wysoką

Chciałbym cię wprowadzić na wieżę wysoką,
Skąd by daleko sięgało twe oko,
A do tej wieży, do tej jednej mety,
Z całego świata wezwałbym kobiety.

I rzekłbym tobie: - Widzisz to skwiecone morze,
Z którego w niebie i tęczę, i zorze?...
Ile w nim jest dusz z miłością przelaną,
Żadna z nich nie jest tak jak ty kochaną

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44 komentarze:

Peter pisze...

Krystyna invited me to have a look here! Your blog looks fantastic! Regret that my Polish language knowledge is zero. Anyhow, Bravo!!! ... and just looking here is so nice!

Sonia pisze...

Krystyna invited me to make a visiting to your blog! It looks beautiful, but I don't understand Polish...

Have a nice week ahead!

Jim pisze...

u r beautiful
and u raised a beautiful daughter

u will never grow old
coz u have love in your heart

Jim pisze...

heyyyy mom
I want u to meet VEST

he is 82
he joined the Navy to see the World
he is very notty

he survived WW II without a scratch
he has been knighted

but he stumbled and fell
when a pretty girl gave him the eye

u can see him


QUEEN-ELA pisze...


bindhiya pisze...

Krystyna invited me too..
your blog is beautiful..
take care


Shionge pisze...

Hiya :D Just pop by to say Hi and Happy International Women's Day !

Keshi pisze...

hey Maria I luv ya cos ur Krys' mum! HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGZ! :)

U r such a cutie too.


Jeevan pisze...

Hello respected grandma, i came here through dear Krystyna's blog.

It was truly welcome your interest on blogging, I wish you for a wonderful Women’s Day :) take care.

Maria pisze...

Hi Peter.Thank you very much for your comments.

MARIA pisze...

thanky very much for your visit.

MARIA pisze...

Thank you Jim!!!
I am glad and happy.

Maria pisze...

Hi Peter-thank you very much for your comments

Maria pisze...

Sonia-thank you very much for your comments

Maria pisze...

Jim-thank you very much for your comments

Maria pisze...

Bindhiya-thank you very much for your comments

tqmcintl pisze...

Oh Lord
u speak English

teach me Polish
how do I tell Krys

I love her

Maria pisze...

Shionge-thank you very much for your comments

Maria pisze...

Keshi- thank you very much for your comments

Maria pisze...

Jeevan-thank you very much for your comments

Maria pisze...

Elu - dziekuje za cieple slowa-zycze wszystkiego najlepszegp

MARIA pisze...

Thank you Jim, for your visit.
I love you - in Polish - "Kocham Cie".

Anonimowy pisze...

"Kocham Cie".


Keshi pisze...

Maria dearest tnxx for stopping by my blog. U r too sweet.



bindhiya pisze...

Dear Mom,
Thank you so much for visiting me...
great to know you can speak English too..
♥ & ((hugs))

Jim pisze...

waiting for your new pic

I want to learn a lott more Polish
how do I tell Keshi
she SUXS

Anonimowy pisze...

mama mia
u r an early riser

put down those glasses
wanna see your eyes

heyyyy Maria
visit VEST
he is looking forward to meeting u

he dont have your address
he wants to get at Rosemary

lotta guys visit VEST
only to see Rosemary

he burns


krystyna pisze...

Jim, my Mom looks cool in those glasses, isn't she?

Anonimowy pisze...

Say Good Morning To Everyone!

I felt really good after my talk with Maria last week. I wanted to do something so I started saying �Good Morning� to people I met on the street.

Now, I live in New York, and you've probably heard that this is a cold city. I mean, New Yorkers have a bad rep for their meaness, not hospitality.

But I felt, what the heck, I see these people every day when I walk around the neighborhood or on my commute, when I take the subway--I might as well greet them some day, right?

I greeted the Korean lady who runs the deli, where I get my morning coffee--she just smiled at me. Come to think of it, I'd never seen her smile until then. Boy that was a nice feeling to get, when you see a stranger smile at you.

Then again, she's not really a stranger, I mean, I see her every day. I came outside and said, "Good Morning" to the guy who walks the dogs--he always has at least ten dogs around him. He just nodded but he looked satisfied.

I decided to take the subway to the office, so I took a turn and saw an older lady with a red cart stuck at the curb. I recognized her because she lives near my block. I approached her and said, "Hi, good morning. Let me help you pull that cart up." It looked like she just did her weekly grocery shopping.

She sighed and said, "Why, thank you young man. It's so nice to see young people helping out. You don't see that often anymore."

Sometimes, we're so busy with ourselves, we forget to look around, greet or help others. I told her, "You're welcome. Have a great morning." She gave me a big smile and said, "You have a lovely day."

Then she left with her cart down the sidewalk. I felt really happy after that. It was a great way to start my day.

Anonimowy pisze...

u r even more beautiful than your beautiful daughter

Happy womens day

Anonimowy pisze...

Hey, talk about empowerment, International Women's Day is coming up on March 8th. This year the United Nations (UN) is focusing on "Investing in Women and Girls".

Krys invited me to a commemoration ceremony at the UN today. I think it'll be really interesting, especially since I've never really been to a UN ceremony before.

krys said, "Young women and girls in third world countries are more vulnerable to the impact of poverty than anyone else. They are not going to have access to education, healthcare, nutrition and jobs. That's why this year, the UN is focusing on having infrastructure in place in those countries for girls and young women."

I remembered the female GI telling me about women in Iraq and Afghanistan and how the GIs and non-profit organizations are helping them get basic needs like food and setting up computer centers, so children can learn.

The stuff she told me isn't something you hear in the news--normal day-to-day stuff that goes on out in the war zone, where people are trying to rebuild their lives.

I really admired her and I asked her what a guy like me can do to help. She introduced me to pet therapy, a technique that people are using in hospitals to help our wounded veterans. Maybe Kong would be good for that. I'll tell you more about it later.

For me, it's really remarkable to be around women like her and Krys (and oh yeah, my mom!). They enrich me in so many ways and they're so positive that I'm really influenced by them. They make me feel like I can get up and do something too.

Plus remember March 8th is just a day, but we have plenty of time to celebrate the whole of Women's History Month this month!

Anonimowy pisze...

have to tell you about another remarkable woman, her name is Lisa, Mrs. Bradley's daughter-in-law. I met her at Andrew's christening. Mrs. Bradley's been concerned about Mike and Lisa for the past year. "They had been trying to conceive for a long time, but they weren't successful until now," explained Mrs. Bradley to me. "I'm just glad they're all healthy and fine."

It was a baptism with a small gathering. Mike, Lisa and little Andrew flew to New York just to have the baptism in the same church that Mike had his. I was happy just to be asked to be a part of it.

The good news for Mrs. Bradley isn't just that Andrew is healthy. Mike is going to be moving back to New York soon, too. I really enjoyed the christening.

The priest talked about how a child is a gift from God. He said that even John the Baptist's parents didn't have children and were barren for many years. Then, right before Jesus was born, they were blessed with John the Baptist.

"A child is like a gift that keeps on giving," said Mrs. Bradley. "I feel so very lucky." And I could see in her twinkling eyes that Mrs. Bradley was really happy. Finally her whole family will be near her.

Folks, I have to close here. For your Zen moment, as one of my favorite quarterbacks, Jim McMahon once said,

"Yes, risk taking is inherently failure-prone. Otherwise, it would be called sure-thing-taking." Sometimes, just saying hello can feel like a risk.

Just remember that Daylight Saving Time begins on March 9th--don't forget to turn back your watches and clocks!

Send Baptism and Christening Ecards!


Editor, 123Greetings

MARIA pisze...

Thank you Bindi! I'm happy you visited me again.
Warm greetings to you and your family!

MARIA pisze...

Thank you Jim!
My new pic?
Many my pics are without glasses.
I think that camera don't like me.
Warm greetings to you and your family!

Anonimowy pisze...

Wszystkiego Najlepszego w Dniu Kobiet zyczy Jozek S

Anonimowy pisze...

Wszystkiego Najlepszego w Dniu Kobiet zyczy Jozek S

Anonimowy pisze...

a woman is a woman
call her by her name Jeevan

Jeevan u will age too
How wud u like it if your son refers to u 'as my old man'

Anonimowy pisze...

when u put on glasses
u r creating a barrier Maria

its like ....
putting up a fence
... keeping your doors closed

your eyes are the windows to your soul

to know a person is to know her heart mind and soul

the eyes also give feedback about your feelings to the one u r talking to

the muslim women cover their face with a veil

its a sign that says
dont come close
dont look
dont touch
dont ...

Anonimowy pisze...

when u wear glasses ...

just saying hello can feel like a risk.

krystyna pisze...

Wszyscy spiewamy dla Ciebie
"Nie ma jak u mamy"

Ona jedna dostrzegała
w durnym świecie tym jakiś ład
własną piersią dokarmiała
oczy mlekiem zalewała
Wychowała jak umiała
a gdy wyjrzał już człek na świat wziął swój los w ręce swe
i nie w głowie mi było że

Ref :

Nie ma jak u mamy ciepły piec cichy kąt
Nie ma jak u mamy kto nie wierzy robi błąd
Nie ma jak u mamy cichy kąt ciepły piec
Nie ma jak u mamy kto nie wierzy jego rzecz

A tym czasem człeka trawił
spać nie dawał mu taki mus
żeby sadłem się nie dławił
lecz choć trochę świat poprawił
nieraz w trakcie tej zabawy
świeży na łbie zabolał guz
człowiek jadł z okien kit
i zanucić mu było wstyd

Ref : Nie ma jak u mamy ...

Te porywy te zapały
jak świat światem się kończą tak
że się wrabia człek pomału
w ciepłą żonę stół z kryształem
I ze szczęścia ogłupiały
nie obejrzy się człowiek jak
w becie ktoś się drze
komu nawet nie w głowie że

Ref : Nie ma jak u mamy ...

Anonimowy pisze...

what did she say?

Krys is jealous
u got more lovers than her

Anonimowy pisze...

Joziu- bardzo dziekuje za zyczenia, wiem, ze zawsze zyczysz mi dobrze.Ja Tobie rowniez zycze wszystkiego najlepszego-Maria

Kalpana pisze...

Just came here to say "Hello, how are you?" from Krystyna's blog. Happy Women's Day!!!

Anonimowy pisze...


How wonderful you're here in blogger land!!! I know you don't understand what I'm writing but perhaps Krystyna can translate. My mother is twenty years younger than you and she won't even read my blog! She's so afraid of technology, but I'm glad you aren't.

Krystyna wrote the most thoughtful words about you on her blog. I hope she translated for you. She made me cry, so I'm sure you will too. You sound like the worlds best mom! Can I adopt you?! :) Krystyna is so lucky to have you and you her. What a beautiful relationship the two of you share.

I should tell you I'm Polish! My mom remarried and when she did, my sisters and I took our stepdad's name (Ecker (German)), but my birth name is Siatkowski!!! I'm Polish and Czech on my dad's side. My grandparents spoke Polish, but I didn't learn it unfortunately.

Well my dear, I've gotta run. I hope you have a beautiful day. Stay healthy and happy and keep writing and I'll keep trying to read what you write!!!!! :) Of course I'm laughing!

Much love,
Suzanne XO :)

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