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czwartek, 22 października 2009

Young at heart / młodzi duchem

My friend from Australia, ERIC SHACKLE (http://lifebeginsat80.blogspot.com/)
send me in comment section for my 80th Birthday wonderful article about
Life Begins at 80th.
I'd like to share it with everybody.

By Frank C. Laubach

I have good news for you. The first 80 years are the hardest. The second 80 are a succession of birthday parties. Once you reach 80, everyone wants to carry your baggage and help you up the steps. If you forget your name or anybody else's name, or an appointment, or your own telephone number, or promise to be three places at the same time, or can't remember how many grandchildren you have, you need only explain that you are 80.

Being 80 is a lot better than being 70. At 70 people are mad at you for everything. At 80 you have a perfect excuse no matter what you do. If you act foolishly, it's your second childhood. Everybody is looking for symptoms of softening of the brain.

Being 70 is no fun at all. At that age they expect you to retire to a house in Florida and complain about your arthritis (they used to call it lumbago) and you ask everybody to stop mumbling because you can't understand them. (Actually your hearing is about 50 percent gone.)

If you survive until you are 80, everybody is surprised that you are still alive. They treat you with respect just for having lived so long. Actually they seem surprised that you can walk and talk sensibly.

So please, folks, try to make it to 80. It's the best time of life. People forgive you for anything. If you ask me, life begins at 80.

(Reprinted by permission of the Laubach Family Association )

You see - getting older is not a problem. It is an adventure.
This week I found in the Internet information about the most powerful people over age 80.
I am Octogenarian also. They forgot about me? (just kidding)
The 80 most powerful people over age 80

I wonder which of my blogger's friend is Oktogenarian also?
It is the best time of life!
People forgive you for anything.

7 komentarzy:

Nola @ the Alamo pisze...

I hope if I live to be 80 I am still as full of life as you are, my dear friend!

david santos pisze...

Happy, happy and happy 80th Birthday, Maria!!! my dear friend!
Have a nice weekend.

David Santos - Guiné-Bissau

I come in January from my Portugal.

KarenHarveyCox pisze...

OMG, Maria, you had me laughing out loud so hard. It's because the truth is funny. I know how true what you are saying is. I know that at sixty life is so much easier than at fifty and my mom always tells me life only gets better. It's so true, and you are one of the brightest, most adorable and funny ladies I have met. Go ahead let them open the doors and carry your baggage, I won't tell them how amazing you are. It will be our little secret.

Another brilliant post. Congratulations on being in the newspaper, you deserve all the recognition you receive.


Queenmothermamaw pisze...

Maria always so glad to hear from you. I am into 72 in November. Only 8 more years til 80 and I am going to really enjoy these 8 years. I would love to know your story about India. Is it somewhere on your blog.

inspirações da Jô pisze...

Without a doubt that her friend is right of each word, after all to arrive to the 80 with vitality and beauty is a marvel
!!!!!And you are that whole marvel!!!!!!! kisses my flower!!!!!!!!

Margie pisze...

Dear Maria
May you be blessed with many more wonderful years!

Much joy to you!


Charli and me pisze...

Happy birthday again Maria. I hope I'm blessed to live to 80. Life is what we make it. Some people are very old at 50 and 60. Others young at 80 and 90. I want to enjoy life as long as I'm here.

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