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czwartek, 20 sierpnia 2009

My odejdziemy, słowo pozostanie./ We will be gone, but the word remains.

Mistrz mówi: "Pisz! Czy to list, pamiętnik, czy tylko niektóre notatki z rozmów przez telefon - ale pisz!

W piśmie, możemy zbliżyć się do Boga i do innych. Jeśli chcesz zrozumieć lepiej swoją rolę w świecie, pisz. Spróbuj przelać swoją duszę na piśmie, nawet jeśli nikt nie czyta Twoich słów - albo, co gorsza, nawet jeśli twoje pisanie ktoś jak wiatr rozwieje, i będzie czytane przez niewłaściwą osobę. Sam fakt pisania pomaga nam organizować nasze myśli i zobaczyć jaśniej, co jest w naszym otoczeniu.

Papier i pióro dokonują cudów - uśmierzają ból, sprawiają by marzenia stały się prawdą i przywracają straconą nadzieję. Słowo ma moc.

To słowa słynnego Paulo Coelho .

Postanowiłam skorzystać z udogodnień jakie daje BLOG, i napisać swoje wspomnienia z moich młodych lat. Pomyślałam, dlaczego nie może być - Książka-Blog?
Oto moja pierwsza próba, jeśli starczy mi czasu i siły, będzie następna, mam nadzieję, że już lepsza.

Klikając na ten obrazek (po prawj stronie) możesz zerknąć na moją mini-Książkę.

Clicking on this image (see right corner) you can look at my mini-book.

The master says: “Write! Whether it's a letter, a diary or just some notes as you speak on the telephone - but write!

In writing, we come closer to God and to others. If you want to understand your role in the world better, write. Try to put your soul in writing, even if no one reads your words - or worse, even if someone winds up reading what you did not want to be read. The simple fact of writing helps us to organize our thoughts and see more clearly what is in our surroundings.

A paper and pen perform miracles - they alleviate pain, make dreams come true and summon lost hope. The word has power.

- from Maktub, Paulo Coelho.


I decided to use the facilities offered by the BLOG, and write my memories of my young years. I thought, why not be - BookBlog?
Here is my first attempt. If I'll have enough time and strength, I will be write next part. I hope next will be better.

Start writing your memoir now. Everyone has fascinating moments and stories to share.

My is here: BookBlog?

See you soon... on my Birthday.

Love & Blessings!

18 komentarzy:

Debbie in CA : ) pisze...

I love to read memoirs. I can't wait! : D

inspirações da Jô pisze...

Dear Maria,

The words have exactly the power to touch the human being, well there in the deep one of its heart on some aspects; the word has the power to give joy or sadness, has one strong relation with felt feelings and. And how much to the idea to make one book of memories, is exactly charming! I will adore to share of the history of its life!

A great kiss and a wonderful Friday!

Queenmothermamaw pisze...

Maria I am so proud to be one of your blogging buddies. I am going through a hard time now. I forget so many things that have just happened. Just things a minute ago. Mainly words and names.I can remember everything yesterday, years ago but short term memory, is bad. I am a nurse and I know the implications of that. None of my children want to hear me say this. I guess they are in denial that their father and I are aging. Blessings

bindhiya pisze...

Dear Maria,
hope you having a beautiful day!
I love reading memoirs too..
love you dear

Charli and me pisze...

What a wonderful idea Maria. I went over and checked out your book blog. It's beautiful. I wish you every sucess ♥ I hope you have a beautiful day!

Shelia pisze...

Hi Dear Maria! Oh, this is a wonderful idea! I'll be reading yours.
Be a sweetie,
shelia ;)

KarenHarveyCox pisze...

Oh Maria, I cried at the beautiful job you have done creating your memoir. What a wonderful thing to do. You always amaze me with your talent and your courage to stay modern. You are very smart. I started reading a bit, but I am coming back tonight to read your book.

Maria, there is a self-publishing book company called Book smart. I wrote two little books with them. It only cost me $12.00 to print one. The price varies according to the size. It is wonderful though. They let you download their software for free and then you can pick your template and style.

Now here is the best part, they have this feature called blog to book. Since you have set up your book, and edited it already on blog, you can use this feature and it will automatically insert the pages. Then you just have to go back in and decide if it looks the way you like.

The link is here:


Once you have your book submitted and you order just one, then you can make it for sale if you would like, or you can make it available for just family.

I think you should feel very proud of what you have accomplished.


inspirações da Jô pisze...

Loved friend,
You turn very well with the Portuguese! I loved the message !!!!! Kisses and have a great weekend!!!!!

Jorgelina pisze...

Hi Maria!
What a wonderful idea!
Magical hugs.

Nola @ the Alamo pisze...

Maria, Your book is beautiful. I cried at the site of your family home; it reminds me of the photos of my grandparent's home in Europe that I have seen photos of.
You should publish your book if that is possible! It would be a beautiful thing for your family to have.
God bless you!

Jimmy pisze...

will I get a mention in your memoirs Maria?

Remember the time
we first met

we walked together
hand in hand
and we .....

I cant tell it all here
tell it in your memoirs Maria

Keshi pisze...

Thats a lovely idea Maria and I wish u well in it! *HUGZ*

ty for ur comment in my blog. aww dun miss me too much, I will drop by ur blog from time to time :) I wont forget my BESTEST friends like u and Krys. TC I luv ya Maria!



Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey pisze...

Hi Maria,I can't wait to read your book.This is such a good ideal !

Queenmothermamaw pisze...

Maria, thanks for asking, my daughter is doing good. She went to doctor today and has all the tubes finally removed. She is eating well now and hopefully will return to work Sept 14th.

inspirações da Jô pisze...

Dear Maria,
I'm missing you !!!!! Know that you are very special to me !!!!! Big kiss !!!!!!!

Jimmy pisze...

u wished me when I was in the shower

and I came out to kiss and hugg u
and u saw me

and u ran
didnt wait for cake and wine

Jimmy pisze...

I was foxed
until I saw what u saw

I forgot to wear a towel

MARIA pisze...

Don't worry Jimmy,
I forgot my glasses....

I took wine and cake,
I'll be back for more.

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